Does it matter where I pre-order from?

Nope! Pre-order by clicking the links above, or from your local bookstore. All we need is the receipt with proof of purchase uploaded before Jan 14th.


What counts as a proof of purchase?

Simply screenshot or upload your email proof of purchase, or paper receipt from a local store, and upload it on the submission site here. It needs to include the date and retailer as well as the book purchase.


How will I know my submission went through?

You will get a confirmation email after submitting.


When will I get my PDF Curiosity Kit?

They will be emailed to you automatically on Book Launch Day which is Jan 15th!


I pre-ordered several books for friends. Can they get a PDF Curiosity Kit as well?

Yes, but you need to submit one upload per kit requested. So if you purchased 5 books, please submit 5 times with the email addresses they will be sent to.


Can I use these Curiosity Kits for my classroom or other events?

Yes! But please do NOT distribute, as these are for personal use only. If you have other needs, please contact me directly at lola@sarahjanestudios.com.


Where can I get the first Creativity Kit that goes with Book 1?

You can purchase it here in my shop!


Pre-Order Lola Dutch When I Grow Up and receive a FREE Curiosity Kit!

Submit your proof of order by January 14th 2019 and you will receive a PDF “Curiosity Kit” which will include activities, games, lesson plans, arts and crafts and other fun interactive play for children to enjoy along side the book! Approximately 30 pages of Lola Dutch fun!


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